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Olympic champions company is a great success and dream of excellence platform!

The company opening mechanism of employing and entrepreneurial chairman to talented person's opening and respect, and has attracted many from overseas, the world 500 strong enterprises, outstanding domestic enterprise's top talent. Olympic champions sustained and rapid development of the company, formed to talented person's continued demand for staff, we provide the following personnel policy: Second-ranking compensation and benefits: With industry and regional competitive salary, excellent talent in this the harvest is not only career sense of achievement, and interest is reasonable in return. At present, the company provides employees with four kinds of insurance, inductrial injury insurance, birth insurance, unemployment insurance, endowment insurance. Second-ranking promotion The company advocates "fairness, justice and openness" competition environment, and strive to make Olympic champions each staff have sustainable development space, Second-ranking assessment: An effective incentive system, based on the assessment work performance excellence staff give commend, award and provide long-term career development opportunities, reaches to the hand by hand, the pursuit of excellence, sharing achievement goal. Second-ranking training: The company has imported advanced and nurture talent and provide business, skills and management vocational comprehensive development space, with system of internal and external peiliangyou complete project, for every employee's development and growth to provide opportunity and environment, so as to establish a fruitful, full of vitality and a stable staff.