Orbital partners with Ultumus to redefine market data integration


We’re excited to announce Orbital’s partnership with Ultumus, a leader in the benchmark mastering space, with a reputation for rethinking and modernizing market data distribution. Our collaboration is set to shake up the traditional market data landscape, making it more accessible, and fair for all.

Ultumus is on a mission to revolutionize benchmark data service by providing fair and cost-effective access to industry leading market data. Orbital is delighted to support this mission, by using our advanced integration platform to eliminate the project costs that customers often face when switching data providers, leaving them locked into legacy vendors.

Orbital enables lightning-fast creation of API and data feed adaptors, backed by comprehensive observability, lineage, and traceability. Through our partnership, Ultumus customers now have access to drop-in replacements for data feeds that emulate existing formats, eliminating the need for expensive and lengthy migration projects typically associated with switching vendors.

Together with Ultumus, we’re paving the way for a more equitable and efficient market data environment, ensuring that customers have the freedom to choose without being burdened by prohibitive costs and complexities.

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