Automated integration for microservices

Orbital eliminates the integration effort, so you can get back to shipping

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> docker run -p 9022:9022 orbitalhq/orbital

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Connect without the glue

Query for the data you need, and Orbital integrates on-the-fly.

From simple API calls, to complex multi-hop lookups, Orbital automatically orchestrates your APIs, databases, queues and lambdas.

No glue code required. As things change, Orbital adapts.

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Orbital automatically generates integration code for calling your APIs
find { Customer[] }
as {
 id: CustomerId
 firstName: CustomerFirstName
 lastName: CustomerLastName
 name: concat(CustomerFirstName, ' ', CustomerLastName)


Customer -> CardNumber
Customer API

Discover, and be discovered

Powered by your APIs

Orbital uses your existing API specs and Database schemas - enriched with Taxi metadata to describe links.

Orbital turns this into rich API and data catalog, letting you explore all your data, and how it connects

Create semantic data types with Taxi...


...and embed them in your existing API specs

type PersonName inherits String
type CustomerId inherits String
type Another inherits Date
# An extract of an OpenAPI spec:
          type: string
           # Embed semantic type metadata directly in OpenAPI
              name: CustomerId
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Lineage & Monitoring

See exactly what's happening.

Detailed call traces, request monitoring and lineage gives you end-to-end visibility of query execution, so you can see exactly what is happening under the hood.

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See the full end-to-end lineage for every value returned.

Unlike traditional lineage tools - which are manual and time consuming, Orbital's linage is automatically captured at runtime, so you can be confident it's what actually happened.

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