Automated integration for modern dev teams

Connect APIs, databases, event streams and more - without plumbing code.
As things change, Orbital automatically adapts.

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Wave goodbye to integration code

Add tags to your API specs. Query for data.
Orbital handles the rest.

There's no resolvers or glue code to maintain, API clients to generate, or YAML mapping files.

Drive everything from your API specs, and deploy from Git

Define a set of terms, and embed them in your API specs

Use those same terms to query for data.

Orbital handles connecting to the right systems
// Define semantic types for the attributes
// that are shared between systems.
type MovieId inherits Int
type MovieTitle inherits String
type ReviewScore inherits Int
type AwardTitle inherits String
// Send a query for data to Orbital,
// and it builds the integration on demand,
// using metadata embedded in your API specs
find { Movies(ReleaseYear > 2018)[] }
as {
   // Consumers define the schema they want.
   // Orbital works out where to fetch data from
   title : MovieTitle // .. read from a db
   review : ReviewScore // .. call a REST API to find this
   awards : AwardTitle[] // ... and a gRPC service to find this.

Self Repairing

Orbital is driven by your API specs, so as your APIs change integrations automatically adapt.


There's no central mapping or integration code to maintain, so teams can own their own API definitions, and push updates as they release.

Designed for the Different

Orbital links on Taxi metadata, not field names - so it doesn't matter if two systems assign different field names to the same data element.

“Easily the best decision I've made was building our startup on Orbital. We got our platform built and operational in record time, with data pipelines and bespoke APIs for connecting our client data feeds.”

“Orbital is one of the most exciting pieces of tech in the integration space I've seen in a long time. Customers can build integration in a fraction of the time, and the self-repairing is a game-changer.”

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Microservices orchestration

Query for the data your app needs, and Orbital orchestrates your APIs, databases and serverless functions on demand

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Event-based architectures

Decouple producers and consumers, providing custom events for each consumer with exactly the data they need

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Rapidly onboard external data feeds

Ingest, transform and enrich data declaratively, without building & maintaining complex pipelines

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Powered by Your APIs

Orbital uses by your existing API specs (with a little extra metadata), to create integration on demand. As things change, Orbital automatically adapts.

Create semantic data types with Taxi...


...and embed them in your existing API specs

type PersonName inherits String
type CustomerId inherits String
type Another inherits Date
# An extract of an OpenAPI spec:
          type: string
           # Embed semantic type metadata directly in OpenAPI
              name: CustomerId
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Connect everything.

Query for data, and Orbital automatically stitches together your APIs, databases, event streams and serverless functions. As things change, Orbital automatically adapts.

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Orbital automatically generates integration code for calling your APIs
find { Customer[] }
as {
 id: CustomerId
 firstName: CustomerFirstName
 lastName: CustomerLastName
 name: concat(CustomerFirstName, ' ', CustomerLastName)


Customer -> CardNumber
Customer API
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Lineage & Monitoring

See exactly what's happening.

Detailed call traces, request monitoring and lineage gives you end-to-end visibility of query execution, so you can see exactly what is happening under the hood.

See the full end-to-end lineage for every value returned.

Unlike traditional lineage tools - which are manual and time consuming, Orbital's linage is automatically captured at runtime, so you can be confident it's what actually happened.

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