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Instant API Composition

Orbital replaces the integration code you write stitching your services and APIs together.
Powered by your API specs, so as things change, your integration automatically updates.

Try this template

Build features, not glue-code.

The problem:
Microservices require lots of API plumbing

Microservices are great, but they bring new complexity stitching together multiple APIs - finding the right APIs, and countless generated clients. As APIs change, integrations break.

The Solution:
Automated, self-adapting integration

Your teams are already writing API specs (OpenAPI, Protobuf, Avro, etc). Orbital uses these API specs, along with semantic metadata to build integration on-the-fly.

As things change, Orbital automatically adapts, so you can focus on features, rather than repairing broken integration.

Write your API. We'll handle the integration

Orbital eliminates integration code, rather than shifting it to another tool.

There's no resolvers to maintain, API clients to generate, or field mappings YAML files.

Drive everything from your API specs, and deploy from Git

Define a set of terms, and embed them in your API specs

Use those same terms to query for data.

Orbital handles connecting to the right systems

// Define semantic types for the attributes
// that are shared between systems.
type MovieId inherits Int
type MovieTitle inherits String
type ReviewScore inherits Int
type AwardTitle inherits String
// Send a query for data to Orbital,
// and it builds the integration on demand,
// using metadata embedded in your API specs
find { Movies(ReleaseYear > 2018)[] }
as {
   // Consumers define the schema they want.
   // Orbital works out where to fetch data from
   title : MovieTitle // .. read from a db
   review : ReviewScore // .. call a REST API to find this
   awards : AwardTitle[] // ... and a gRPC service to find this.

API composition, for every tech stack.

Stitch your databases, message queues, RESTful APIs and gRPC services together, without requiring a GraphQL adaptor.

Powered by Taxi - our open source metadata language - you can seamlessly link between multiple data sources, without needing a specialist adaptor


Batteries included.

The tools you want from your middleware, redesigned to delight engineers and fit snugly in their existing tooling and workflows.

Instant edge caching

Enable caching at the Edge, to instantly increase performance, drop latency, and reduce the load on your services.

Full observability

See full traces of which systems were called as part of your query and what data was provided.

Serverless runtime

Scale without limits, and keep your resource costs low, with full isolation for each query.

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