Managing data sources

Using SOAP to describe your services

Orbital can use SOAP WSDLs to understand what endpoints exist, and how to call them.

Orbital uses Semantic schemas to describe how data relates between systems. For SOAP WSDLs, this means embedding references to Taxi types within your SOAP WSDLs.

To do this, we embed Taxi metadata within the WSDL.

Adding Taxi annotations to WSDLs

Taxi annotations use a custom taxi:type element within SOAP wsdls to add a reference to a Taxi type.


The type tag is part of the namespace. (Note the trailing / on the URL - this is important).

<definitions xmlns:taxi="" ... 

Elements then have taxi type references embedded with them like this:

<xs:complexType name="tCurrency">
      <xs:element name="sISOCode" type="xs:string" 
      <xs:element name="sName" type="xs:string" 
Using OpenAPI
Using HTTP