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Pulling API specs from Disk

Using a local disk repo is a great way to get started, However, for production, consider using a Git repo instead.

When you’re getting started, it’s useful to store your core taxonomy, existing API specs (such as OpenApi or Protobuf), or database definitions in a local disk repo, making it quick and easy to get going.

Adding a file repository using the UI

To add a new File repository via the UI either navigate to /project-import, or from within the UI click on Projects on the left navigation bar, then “Add project” in the top bar.

Completing the new File repository form

Click on the Local Disk table, and provide the details of where your local repository is.

If you haven’t created one yet, just provide an empty directory, and a repository will be created for you.

Adding a file repository through config

The schema repositories that Orbital is connected to can be configured through a HOCON file, which by default is called workspace.conf

A word on file paths:

  • File paths that are absolute are resolved against the file system.
  • File paths that are relative are resolved relative to the location of the config file.
  • file {
                // Optional (defaults to false).  Indciates if the project can receive edits through the UI
                // Path to the folder containing a taxi.conf file.
        // Optional - WATCH or POLL
        // Optional - Should the version of the project be incremented when the local disk changes?
        // False is a safe setting here
        // Optional.  If polling, define the frequency.
         // Optional.  Defines the frequency that updates trigger recompilation.
         // Useful if you're locally editing a schema, and don't want to trigger
         // lots of recompilation

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